On behalf of Sandler Training, our thoughts are with our clients and their families and businesses impacted by COVID-19. We are committed to working with you to help you and your business through these extraordinary times. Sandler Training is open but operating remotely in accordance with recommendations by WHO and the UK government to do our part to help ‘flatten the curve’ for the NHS . We’re here for you and the community. Please don’t hesitate to call or email us to talk through your concerns. Best wishes for the health and safety of your families, teams, and clients.
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Sandler Training | Leeds,

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About the Sandler Leeds team

We help successful clients optimise their sales initiatives.

Don't settle for less than the best results any longer. Sandler Training delivers proven processes and methodology.

Rick Wilkinson

Sandler Leeds is dedicated to working alongside ambitious business leaders in the Leeds area who have the required  motivation to build a world class sales and sales management operation. Rick's combination of more than 30 years in sales and sales leadership and his deep passion and understanding of the Sandler sales methodology is the foundation for what he brings to his clients. 

Why Sandler Leeds?

If you are seeking a headline presentation to "motivate" your sales team at the start of an important quarter then Sandler probably isn't for you!  Sandler isn't for those looking to take the quick and easy route.  If on the other hand you are committed to gaining the freedom to build your business by working with the clients that you want to work with and if you are open to changing Behaviour & Attitude and to combine that with creative and actionable Techniques then you might want to give us a call.  Of course you can't learn a new behaviour, attitude and sales approach in a 1 day seminar and more than likely you would be better using that budget elsewhere.  At Sandler we believe in gradual, incremental  learning and development through our unique program of training, coaching and reinforcement.  

Sandler breaks the conventional rules that make the sales process ineffective and demeaning. We teach honest, no-nonsense sales techniques that get results while preserving the sales professional's self-respect. Prospects are treated as they want to be treated: as intelligent, thinking individuals; BUT, the prospect NEVER controls anyone who masters the Sandler Selling System.

Our Clients

Sandler's fully customisable training allows us to effectively serve clients in variety of industries, and company sizes. Our clients are in IT, Banking, Healthcare and many others, and include small to mid-sized through large organisations

Join a Winning Team

Our office is dynamic, fast-paced and all about the clients we serve. Creating job fulfillment for the people who work with us is also a high priority.  We offer competitive compensation and benefits, flexible schedules to help employees achieve work/life balance, and ongoing training to help them advance in their careers.

Industry Recognition

Sandler has been recognised with multiple national awards, including "Training Industry Top 20 Training Companies" and "Selling Power Magazine Top 20 Sales Training Companies."

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